Best Echo Show Deals, Coupons and Promo Codes (October 2018)

The Echo range of smart speakers have proven to be the best selling gadgets for quite a long time, and has helped Amazon become a market leader when it comes to home automation. With an Echo device in your home, you can control almost all of the smart gadgets like thermostat, smart locks and more with just your voice. Everyone needs to have such options to help make their life easier and if you have decided to buy yourself one of these devices, then you can check out best Echo Show deals available at the moment!

The Echo Show device is basically the same as the Amazon Echo or the Echo Dot speaker, but it comes with a 7-inch screen allowing you to make video calls, stream movies online, view the lyrics to the songs you are listening to and more. This is something that Echo devices can’t do, except the Echo Spot, but the Echo Show was the one that brought this awesome feature in the market. With the smart device, you can listen to your favorite music, get updates on the latest news happening around the world, call anyone or video chat with your friends and do a lot more things with just your voice.

Best Echo Show Deals Right Now

Echo Show - 1st Generation Black
16,037 Reviews

The Echo Show smart speaker is a product of website, so it’s not available anywhere else. The best part about it being on the world’s biggest marketplace is that they always have some kind of promotion running which means that you have a great chance of getting a good discount on your purchase. If you see a sale going on, don’t waste a minute and order one for yourself!

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Echo Show – Features & Specs

  • The Echo Show speaker offers you access to everything you love about Alexa, and gives you additional features as well, like the 7-inch screen.
  • With the screen, you can now stream video content from Amazon Video, watch footage from the security cameras, make video calls to your friends, see lyrics to the music you are listening to and lots more.
  • You can even use the device to browse and listen to your favorite Audiobooks, and just like all the other Echo devices, you can easily control smart home equipment like the lights, thermostat, smart locks and other compatible devices with just your voice.
  • Since this is a smart speaker at its core, you can stream music online with services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn and more; and if you have an Amazon Music account, then you can not only stream music, but also read the live lyrics on the screen to sing along.
  • Equipped with powerful Dolby speakers, the device can generate room-filling music with crisp vocals and extended bass response, and the device can be easily connected with other Echo devices  to play music simultaneously using the multi-room music feature.
  • The speaker is equipped with 8 microphones, beam-forming technology and noise cancellation allowing it to hear your voice from any direction and respond to it even when the music is playing.
  • Use the device to monitor your child’s room or see the live camera feed with the Amazon Cloud Cam, or control the compatible smart lights, thermostats, your garage door, or ask Alexa to order you a pizza.
  • With so many Alexa skills to use at your disposal, and many more added regularly, the device is going to become an essential part of your daily life very soon.
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Image Courtesy: Amazon

These were some of the best features of the Echo Show smart speaker that makes it one of the best, may be better than most, Echo devices to buy at the moment.

I hope that the article was helpful to you and that you were able to take advantage of the best Echo Show deals and buy yourself the smart speaker at a discount. If you were able to do that, make sure to share the deals and coupon code with your friends as well so that they too can get one for themselves!

Echo Show - 1st Generation Black
16,037 Reviews

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