Echo Spot Review – The Tiny Alexa-based Speaker with a Screen

echo spot review2017 was a great year for Amazon and for Amazon fans. The company released not one, not two but four smart speakers in its Echo line this year and wowed the tech industry. Earlier this summer, the Amazon Echo Show was released which included video calling capabilities owing to its built-in LCD screen. Then came the Echo Plus, the 2nd generation Echo and the Echo Spot a few months ago that added the cherry to the top. The Echo Spot, in particular, is one level ahead than the rest of the speakers with its increased portability and included LCD screen – the best of all the new Echo features released this year.

The Echo Spot was announced back in September 2017 but the shipping hasn’t begun at the time of writing this. The speaker, itself, is a hand-held device with a round body and a screen with a camera. If you want to know more details about this innovative new creation by Amazon, read on the full review!

Echo Spot Review

Design and Body

The Echo Spot closely resembles in size and shape to the Echo Dot. It has an LCD screen like the Echo Show but otherwise, the overall look reminds us of the Echo Dot. Available in white and black colors, the Echo Spot will hit markets across the US, UK and Germany in late 2017 to early 2018.

The LCD screen is a 2.5-inch touchscreen with rich colors and an average resolution. With this LCD screen, you can basically do the same things as you did with the Echo Show that is play music lyrics, video call and stream videos from Amazon supported platforms, all in the palm of your hand.

The body of sphere has a couple of buttons on top including the volume buttons and the mute button. A tiny camera sits on top of the LCD screen that you can use to video chat with your loved ones.

Alexa Voice Assistant

As with the other devices, this Echo device is also Alexa-enabled. Amazon’s voice assistant is able to perform a number of skills (in fact over 15,000!) and it’s getting smarter and smarter every year. You can ask Alexa to play your favorite songs from supported music streaming platforms such as Spotify and iHeartRadio. You can also set alarms and reminders, read news and sports updates, order a pizza from Dominos and even hail a cab from Uber. Sending text messages and making calls are also basic functions of Alexa that you can do with any Alexa-enabled gadget.

The Echo Spot, through Alexa, can also control your smart home and make your lifestyle a lot more convenient and contemporary.

Audio Quality

Despite all of the great functions and features of the Echo Spot, in the end this Echo device is fundamentally a speaker and the final verdict always boils down to the sound and audio quality. It would be unfair to compare this miniature sized speaker to any other larger Echo speaker, let alone a proper bass speaker. But when compared to the Echo Dot, the Echo Spot does produce much better sound quality than its predecessor.

echo spot alexa based smart speaker

Image Credits: Amazon

The Echo Spot’s internal sound system includes a 1.4-inch speaker which is pretty massive according to its small size and almost twice the size of the speaker integrated in the Echo Dot. There’s also a 3.5 mm audio port that you can use to hook up your Echo Spot with a larger, better sound quality speaker. You can also connect the Echo Spot to a third-party speaker using Bluetooth for an immersive music experience.


Perhaps the best thing about this cute 4.1-inch speaker is that it’s super portable and you can carry it around just about anywhere! Unlike other Echo devices, you don’t need a constant power supply in order for the Echo Spot to work. Plus, it makes a great bedside accessory – as an alarm clock or simply as the master controller of your smart home.

Echo Spot Review – the Dark Side

While there has been a lot of buzz regarding the great new features Amazon’s Echo Spot has to offer, some concerns regarding privacy have been raised.

Since the Echo Spot is small and can be used as a bedside accessory, the front-facing camera could breech the privacy of your bedroom if not careful enough. There is a solution for that as well though – black tape!

The Echo Spot is a great new contraption in the world of smart gadgets, something any tech geek would love to own in their house. It’s easy to use and its diverse functionality truly impress. We’re excited to see what Amazon has more to offer in the coming years for its Echo line of devices!

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